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Fun | 27 February 2013

Game Of Thrones Season 3: Trailer

If like us you can not wait for the third season of “Game of Thrones”, we invite you to watch the trailer for this season.

Fun | 25 February 2013

Animated GIFs of 2013 Oscars

We already know who got the Oscars this year and who did not. Let’s see the highlights of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony in set of animated GIFs.

Movies | 19 February 2013

Saw 0.5

A series of horror films under the title of “Saw” everyone knows, or at least heard about them. Dark, violent and scary – well at least the first two parts […]

Movies | 14 February 2013

Phantom – trailer

New movie for fans of submarines and topics related to the cold war. Ed Harris and David Duchovny are fighting each other for control of a submarine equipped with nuclear […]

Movies | 8 February 2013

Fast & Furious 6 – trailer HD

Fastest cars, the biggest bully and sexiest girls – yes, it’s another part of the “Fast & Furious”! We will not talk about the plot because she can guess, we’ll […]

Movies | 31 January 2013


Oscar-nominated animation from Walt Disney studios. Amazing combination of hand-drawn animation with computer-generated graphics. It is worth to watch.

Movies | 25 January 2013

Oblivion – trailer

Coming soon (April) in theaters will premiere a new film of the species S-F0 In the lead role in “Oblivion”, will see Tom Cruice, and apart from him, the film […]

Movies | 20 January 2013

Red 2 – trailer

Another movie with Bruce Willis in which the actor plays an aging tough guy who will have to deal with the villains. And he sure did a good job roll […]

Babes | 17 January 2013

Jennifer Lawrence – she is sexy!

You could see her in the movies of the series “X-Men”, “The Beaver” and more recently in a loud, “The Hunger Games” and “Silver Linings Playbook.” She has also performed […]

Movies | 4 January 2013

Jack Reacher – trailer

Movie has been in theaters for a few days but maybe some of you have not seen the trailer, so we present it to you below. Jack Reacher is a […]

Babes | 2 January 2013

Sexiest hollywood actress naked!

They are talented, rich and sexy! The most popular Hollywood actresses that we know of the biggest blockbusters – Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Demi […]

Movies | 29 December 2012

Video tribute to “The X-Files”

“The X-Files” is a series that needs no introduction to any fan of television SF series. Adventures of agents Mulder and Scully, attracted millions of viewers in front of TV […]

Fun | 29 December 2012

Russian “Hobbit” from 1985

In cinemas for a few days, you can see Peter Jackson’s latest film – “The Hobbit”, but probably very few of you know that the Russians in 1985 made a […]

Movies | 23 December 2012

Pain & Gain – trailer

The latest film from the director and producer of the series “Transformers,” “Bad Boys,” “Pearl Harbor,” “The Island” and many other Hollywood hits. “Pain and Gain” is the story of […]

Movies | 19 December 2012

LOTR – behind the scenes

In the theaters now you can see the latest work of Peter Jackson’s follow-up (or rather “prequel”) from the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” – “The Hobbit” Hobbit in […]

Babes | 19 December 2012

James Bond Girls

James Bond likes fast cars, deadly gadgets and of course beautiful girls to accompany him in his adventures from the beginning of the series. Girls of 007 is such beauty […]

Movies | 19 December 2012

Pacific Rim – Trailer

Is going to be the next after the “TRANSFORMERS” movie for fans of giant robots – called. “mechs”. Once again the steel giants will help humanity to fight the aliens […]

Movies | 17 December 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness – Trailer

For all fans of science fiction and the world of “Star Trek” is preparing a feast that will prepare us to JJ Abrams – responsible for directing among others previous […]

Movies | 17 December 2012

Man of steel – trailer

In just a few months premiere of the new “Superman” titled “Man of Steel”, appeared in connection with the trailer for this movie. Looks like it’s going to be another […]

Babes | 16 December 2012

Hot pics of Anna Paquin

Even as a teenager, Anna Paquin won an Oscar for her role in the film “The Piano”, but as We know her from movies such as “Amistad,” “Darkness,” a series […]

Movies | 11 December 2012

Behind the scenes of Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is one of the most iconic movie in motion picture history and one of the best works of Quentin Tarantino. The unique atmosphere of the movie, memorable dialogue, […]

Babes | 8 December 2012

Hot pics of Katherine Heigl

You know her mainly from the show “Grey’s Anatomy” where he performed as perhaps the most beautiful doctor on the show.

Movies | 6 December 2012

The Last Stand – trailer

Oh yes! Finally, a new movie with Terminator, also known as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have not seen any film starring this iconic actor, until recently, being governor of California. Not […]

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