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The most awkward album covers

Despite the fact that the music on the CDs goes slowly to rest, still it’s hard to find a house that does not have a stack of CDs with hits from these, or past years. A separate thins are covers of these albums. Often they are very clever, funny or shocking graphics or photos among […]

14 LEGEN-DARY memes with Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson is a well-known viewers to the show “How I Meet Your Mother,” but his texts and funny memes have already moved a long time ago to the internet and everyday life. Perhaps because they are just as good and his role in the series stands out from the others (as opposed to a […]

They wait, but soon…

They are everywhere – cats, dogs, birds, and plushies. Lurk in hiding, waiting for their time. But very soon … See for yourself and… beware!

The evidence for the superiority of cats over dogs

So far, the dogs dominated the cats, and caused them beating at every opportunity. But it seems that the roles are reversed! The world is divided into two groups – for those who prefer cats and those who choose dogs. Each of these groups has theories and reasons to have cat or dog. Both groups […]

The best demotivational posters with girls asses

Demotivational posters with girls asses a solid dose of good humor and visual ecstasy 🙂 Enjoy! Girls asses are the subject of the eternal reflection of the male part of population: D Feelings and associations that girls asses awake, as well as the preferences and tastes are the subject of endless jokes and frivolous stories. […]

Boobs beer holder

A girl can use her boobs in several ways, usually it has to do with sex, but this time we want to show you another fun way to use boobs. For what can be useful women boobs? Yeah, of course, every guy knows the answer to this question, but we want you now to show […]

The worst haircuts – 27 pictures of people whose haircut looks hilarious

Do you think that you are not too handsome, or too pretty? After seeing photos of people you can change your mind about yourself. See photos of people with the worst haircuts. If you have any complexes on the point of your appearance then we can offer you something that should improve your mood and […]

Examples of extreme laziness

Laziness is nothing wrong as long as it does not dominate our daily lives. See examples of people who are examples of extreme laziness.   Every one of us sometimes overwhelmed by laziness. After a hard day at work or at school we are tired and all you want is to undergo blissful laziness. Some […]

New awesome evian water ad

Another funny ad. This time it’s a Evian water ad that in a fun way convinces us that drinking their water can rejuvenates you.

24 funny and interesting facts

The world is full of interesting facts. Below you will find 24 funny and interesting facts about which you probably did not have a clue.   As today is a 24 day of the month, we have for you 24 fun and interesting facts. You will find, among other things: how often birds poo, what […]

Damn ugly cats

23 photos of damn ugly cats. They looks like monsters from a horror movie. Not all cats are beautiful and fluffy. Although we like to them stroke and most cats is the perfect pet for someone who likes their warm fur and graceful movements, some cats look like monsters from a horror movie or as […]

Houses with human faces

Some houses have their almost real human face. Some are smiling, others are bad – let’s see these amazing homes.

Best office pranks ever

Working in an office does not have to be boring, because one day you may become a victim of a prank that will become legendary! See such best office pranks.

Bad product names

Some of the names of the products are so hilarious and bad that amazes me that something like this was created and sells. See examples of this.

Whole internet in one picture

The guys from CollegeHumor tried to portray the internet as we know it on one picture. See how it came to them.

Drunk pranks – 38 photos

When you’re drunk you do not know what’s going on around you, some jokers can take advantage and make you look like the people in these photos.

Prank with the werewolf in a cab

Middle of the night, two young girls and the driver who turning into werewolf. It could not go wrong, see a prank with the a werewolf in a cab.

Weirdest bicycles

Bicycle is a simple design – two wheels and a steel frame, but there are bicycles that contradict this assertion. See the weirdest bicycles made by man.

Fail Compilation – March 2013 by TNL

Fail Compilation of March 2013 by TNL. A large dose of rollover, collisions and painful falls. If you like sometimes to laugh with someone’s misfortune, then it is necessary to see for.