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Boiling water, alligators, trolling in Battlefield 3 and extreme glider flight


Hi boys and girls, this time waiting for you a few interesting and funny videos from around the world.

The first one goes to Russia and the experiment will show you what is happening with hot water at a temperature of minus 41 degrees Celsius. Quite impressive.


The second movie also involving the Russians, this time a group of Russians teasing alligators. See where it ended. Behold it to the end.


The next video is a game of Battlefield 3 and a group of players that hides under the name of “Battlefield 3 troll army.” You’ll see what you can do in this game besides killing opponents, playing perfectly by the way;)


The last video is an extreme fly gliders over the same ground. The pilot must have nerves of steel, and by the way good skills.

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