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Fun | 6 September 2021

Best Olympic memes

London Olympics is over but we’ve got something that will remind you that there sport emotions experienced. We took for you the best memes of the Olympic Games in London. […]

Fun | 22 August 2021

Star Wars and “Call Me Maybe”

As the Youtube description says: The Star Wars cast sings Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen! But is the Force strong with this one? Quite well done and very […]

Fun | 12 August 2021

Dangerous driving situations in Europe

Travelling around Europe by car sometimes requires quite a skill. Some drivers have road rules in deep esteem and are exclusively motivated their own convenience. This leads to many dangerous […]

Fun | 7 August 2021

Funniest names

Dick Kock,  Jesus Condom or Robert Fagot – these are just some of the funniest collection of names that we have for you. See photos of people who have a […]

Fun | 13 July 2021

Cutest animal photos

Animals can be wild and dangerous but can also be extraordinary sweet. We found for you the sweetest pet photos, enjoy! Originally posted on 1 August 2012 @ 08:53

Fun | 8 July 2021

Grenade fishing in Russia

Fishing is usually associated with peaceful hatching over water or a river waiting for the fish. Not in Russia! In Russia, as usual, everything is done differently and the fish […]

Fun | 28 June 2021

Meanwhile in Russia

Yes, here’s another bunch of photos taken in Russia that prove the thesis that Russia is not a country, Russia is a state of mind;-) Enjoy watching and commenting. Originally […]

Fun | 18 June 2021

The original way to complete a test

Completing the test is usually nothing nice, but sometimes it is a good opportunity to show originality. So it was during this test, see for yourself. Originally posted on 29 […]

Fun | 13 June 2021

Creative T-shirts

We wear them all but not every t-shirt wearing is printed as creative or funny as those you see in this entry. See a collection of funny and creative t-shirts, […]

Fun | 8 June 2021

Mr. Bean at the opening of Olympic in London

Rowan Atkinson announced that he never again plays the character Mr. Bean. He made an exception for the opening of the Olympic Games in London, which has just begun. See […]

Fun | 3 June 2021

The first Olympic memes

The Olympic Games in London has only just started and we already have the first memes related with this event. We present them to you below. Enjoy! Originally posted on […]

Fun | 29 May 2021

Cropping – a fat girl’s best friend

If your body is not quite perfect and you want to go out in the photo well, sometimes you just need the crop the image accordingly. See how girls do […]

Fun | 24 May 2021

July 2012 fail compilation

As every month invaluable TNL presented his fail compilation See a collection of the funniest tippers, collisions and slips which occurred in July. Enjoy! Originally posted on 26 July 2012 […]

Fun | 9 May 2021

Funny and strange Japanese inventions

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy – this sentence probably know most of you, but not many of you know that […]

Fun | 29 April 2021

Human stupidity knows no boundaries

This time we gathered for you, examples of human stupidity knows no bounds. See examples to prove this claim below. Enjoy! Originally posted on 23 July 2012 @ 11:21

Fun | 4 April 2021

Steam Summer Sale

Summer sale started on Steam gaming platform. Somehow it became a tradition that during the summer and before Christmas at Steam sales are held during which you can buy at […]

Fun | 25 March 2021

Door surfing

The Russians are able to surprise with its ingenuity. This time we will see how to surf without a surfboard. Just a piece of board or old doors and a […]

Fun | 15 March 2021

Meaningless signs

Signs usually are designed to make our lives more easy, but there are signs that perhaps only they know the meaning of their creators. We present you a set of […]

Fun | 5 March 2021

Dredd trailer

Ahead of us is another remake of the blockbuster film from years ago. It is the “Dredd” in the original starred Sylvester Stallone himself. Enjoy the trailer of this film. […]

Fun | 28 February 2021

The greatest water slides

On a hot day there is nothing better than a dip in the cool swimming pool. However, this step can be made even more enjoyable thanks to falling into the […]

Fun | 18 February 2021

Idiots compilation

If the Internet teaches us anything it is for sure that the world is no shortage of idiots;-) The web is a lot of movies from which their characters can […]

Fun | 13 February 2021

Misplaced stickers

It happened to you that sticker on a product was in the worst possible place? It turns out that such a sticker can seemingly innocent product make something completely different […]

Babes | 3 February 2021

Sexy demotivational pics

If you like sexy girls and demotivational pisc then today we have something perfect for you! We have compiled for you a bunch of demotivational pictures of lightly erotic undertones. […]

Fun | 24 January 2021

50 useless things you don’t need to know

You have seen that the electric chair was invented by a dentist or about the fact that Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he was not wearing panties? […]

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