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Fun | 6 February 2013

Most ridiculous car accidents

Although the cars are getting safer and the roads better and wider to car accidents are still common. There are, however, the car accidents that are difficult to explain and […]

Fun | 4 February 2013

Fail Compilation January 2013

It might not be too elegant but most of us like to laugh at someone’s misfortune. Proof of this are the millions of video views in a series of “fail […]

Fun | 4 February 2013

Fake snake attack

What do we do when we see a snake next to us? We run! So too did the people on the beach in Miami, on which was released a fake […]

Fun | 3 February 2013

Kitten meets a hedgehog

Another proof of that young animals are sooo cute! This time, a kitten meets the little hedgehog.

Fun | 31 January 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013

“Surgeon Simulator 2013” is a game which takes on the role of a surgeon who has performed heart surgery. It is not clear whether the authors was more about creating […]

Fun | 30 January 2013

Why do men live shorter

Sometimes the reason is women;) But it happens also that the reason why men die younger than women is the more dangerous work, or just stupid. Look.

Fun | 30 January 2013

Little girl – future champion in box?

Nowadays, if you want to achieve mastery in something then you need to start from an early age. This little girl has a good chance to accomplish a lot in […]

Fun | 25 January 2013

Matt Damon takes over Jimmy Kimmel show

Matt Damon for years appears in the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live, both of them are locked in little game in which one tries to pique the other;) This time, […]

Fun | 24 January 2013

There, I fix it!

They can build a spoon with a fork, make a cup of coffee with iron, a broken headlight repair using PET bottles, or with an electric kettle to make water […]

Fun | 24 January 2013

Steve Irwin bitten by a snake live on TV

Snakes are animals whose most people are afraid and tend to avoid them. Quick as lightning with deadly venom – snakes present a risk not only for small animals but […]

Fun | 23 January 2013

Weirdest family photos

Family photos is a wonderful thing that after the years can be a priceless treasure. However, there are family photos so strange that they only think they understand the meaning […]

Fun | 20 January 2013

People are awesome – 2012 (HD)

After watching this compilation, you will certainly agree with the title – people are actually capable of amazing things, and sometimes it is worth it to move away from the […]

Fun | 17 January 2013

Switzerland seen from a car

Switzerland is a beautiful country which in addition to neutrality has a great nature. This time, we invite you for a ride by car in Switzerland. 15-minute video in which […]

Fun | 16 January 2013

100 most popular YouTube videos of 2012

Everyone watching videos on YouTube, but only some of these films gain real popularity and millions of views. This time we have for you a compilation of the Top 100 […]

Fun | 16 January 2013

Spectacular piloting a helicopter!

Helicopters are not perhaps too spectacular flying machines, not in comparison with the jets. But if at the controls will be the right man, even in the classic Mi-2 can […]

Fun | 15 January 2013

Women trying to get out of the garage

There have been incidents of the women behind the wheel, some claim that women are good drivers, others the opposite. See this time as a woman coped with the car […]

Fun | 15 January 2013

Lightning-fast legs

We all know that Asians are good at video games, but this guy is just special. His legs are moving at the speed of lightning! See for yourself.

Fun | 13 January 2013

Endless Zoom – Animation

Amazing animation uses an endless zoom effect. It looks very original, is worth seeing!

Fun | 12 January 2013

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 vs The Isle of Man

Something for those of you who like great speed and fast machine. See what it’s like to race in Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 at The Isle of Man. Incredible speed […]

Fun | 12 January 2013

Fall fail

Sometimes you need someone to trust, may depend on it our health or life. In this case, despite the best efforts ended up in a huge fail. See how one […]

Fun | 10 January 2013

Funny dragon ad

This is one of those ads that we do not turn off, it is watching with pleasure. See ad with a dragon in the lead role.

Fun | 10 January 2013

Ghost driver prank

Some prankster decided to hide in his car and see the reaction of employees Mc-drive and the like, when to the restaurant will come empty car without a driver. Look […]

Fun | 8 January 2013

In one second he drank a bottle of water

You know that feeling when on a hot day, do not hold out any longer and you feel that you have something to drink immediately? Thirst is ruthless sometimes, and […]

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