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Movies | 4 January 2023

Jack Reacher – trailer

Movie has been in theaters for a few days but maybe some of you have not seen the trailer, so we present it to you below. Jack Reacher is a […]

Movies | 4 January 2023

Pain & Gain – trailer

The latest film from the director and producer of the series “Transformers,” “Bad Boys,” “Pearl Harbor,” “The Island” and many other Hollywood hits. “Pain and Gain” is the story of […]

Movies | 4 January 2023

Pacific Rim – Trailer

Is going to be the next after the “TRANSFORMERS” movie for fans of giant robots – called. “mechs”. Once again the steel giants will help humanity to fight the aliens […]

Movies | 4 January 2023

Star Trek Into Darkness – Trailer

For all fans of science fiction and the world of “Star Trek” is preparing a feast that will prepare us to JJ Abrams – responsible for directing among others previous […]

Movies | 4 January 2023

Man of steel – trailer

In just a few months premiere of the new “Superman” titled “Man of Steel”, appeared in connection with the trailer for this movie. Looks like it’s going to be another […]

Movies | 2 January 2023

The Last Stand – trailer

Oh yes! Finally, a new movie with Terminator, also known as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have not seen any film starring this iconic actor, until recently, being governor of California. Not […]

Movies | 1 January 2023

Les Miserables

The film with a truly all-star cast in the starring, among others Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Samantha Barks, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen. The […]

Movies | 1 January 2023

Flight – trailer

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Denzel Washington in the Hollywood blockbuster, but here came the movie “Flight” starring Denzel, John Goodman, Bruce Greenwood, and several other well-known names. […]

Fun | 1 January 2023

GTA V – trailer

For this game a lot of players is waiting. For he who has not heard of Grand Theft Auto series which takes on the gangster crashing through the city in […]

Movies | 1 January 2023

Die Hard 5 – second trailer

As someone said on Youtube – “Die Hard 5” without Bruce Willis would be like sex without genitalia. Luckily, Bruce is present and it looks like he is in good […]

Movies | 29 December 2022

Iron Man 3 – first trailer

Big Hollywood blockbusters have this they are usually continued, and so is the movie “Iron Man,” the third part will premiere in theaters May 3, 2012. See with what or […]

Movies | 29 December 2022

Hitchcock trailer

Fans of Anthony Hopkins and Hitchcock ought to rejoice at the news that soon in theaters will be a movie about this great director. The film also stars Helen Mirren […]

Movies | 21 November 2022

Die Hard 5 Trailer

Finally, it is! Still fresh, warm and smelling powder – the official trailer for the fifth part of the adventures of John McClain. We present the official movie trailer “A […]

Movies | 24 July 2022

The Hobbit – new trailer

Premiere of “The Hobbit” – one of the most anticipated motion picture of the year, getting closer and closer. Appeared just a new trailer for the film. All fans probably […]

Movies | 16 October 2021

The Possession – Official Trailer

Trailer of the latest horror film, directed by Sam Raimi – the creator of such hits as “Evil Dead” and the series “Spiderman.” This time the movie is about a […]

Movies | 21 September 2021

Deadfall trailer

Here is the trailer for “Deadfall” – a new drama starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam, Sissy Spacek and Kris Kristofferson. It looks pretty interesting and atmospheric. Premiere in […]

Movies | 23 July 2021

Cloud Atlas trailer

Wachowski Siblings (no longer brothers, one of them changed sex) are preparing a new film. Cloud Atlas is a film with elements of SF with movie stars such as Tom […]

Movies | 18 July 2021

New “Skyfall” tailer

Daniel Craig as James Bond will be in November in cinemas, but already you can see the latest trailer for “Skyfall”. Going to be a good movie, although it differs […]

Movies | 23 June 2021

The Expendables 2 trailer

If you liked the first part of “The Expendables” movie so you probably appreciate the message that soon in the cinemas will be another bunch of adventures with Sylvester Stallone, […]

Movies | 30 March 2021

Resident Evil : Retribution Trailer

Soon in theaters next part of the series “Resident Evil” – a movie inspired a computer game with the same title. We will see once again a sexy Milla Jovowich […]

Fun | 5 March 2021

Dredd trailer

Ahead of us is another remake of the blockbuster film from years ago. It is the “Dredd” in the original starred Sylvester Stallone himself. Enjoy the trailer of this film.

Fun | 23 February 2020

Total Recall trailer 2

In the film there is a trend for sequels and a remake. If a film is successful you can be almost sure that soon will appear in its sequel. Although […]

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