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It was so close!

It was so close – these people can really say that someone is watching over them. Compilation of very dangerous situations.

Former congressmen will look for UFO

UFO matter be underestimated and treated as a joke. But when members of Congress are beginning to address this issue, it may be, however, that something must be true.

Time-lapse: Earth (HD)

Amazing time-lapse video shot on the International Space Station (ISS). See our planet from a beautiful perspective.

Earthquake in Japan viewed from different locations

Two years after the earthquake in Japan is still more than 2,500 people are missing, the starting material caused an earthquake is a giant and still difficult to estimate. See a compilation of videos taken during the earthquake in Japan from various places.

One of the best motivational clips

Each of us has a worse moments, moments in which we think that we can not help ourselves with the surrounding problems and will not achieve the desired objectives. It is natural, it is in such moments, watch a video like this. This is one of the best motivational video clips. Certainly, this will add […]

Russian car crash compilation (February 2013)

To the end the month has been a little more and we already have the february compilation of car crash from Russia. After watching this video you must admit that the Russians, despite severe winter conditions on local roads, drive very recklessly and stupidly. A results of this are as shown.

How to make a dildo

Ok ladies, responding to your requests associated with entry “How to make a vagina” – today we will show you how to make your own homemade dildo! You do not want to spend money in a store or want to try something new? Or perhaps, nosy parents stand in the way? No problem, just a […]

Awesome macro photography

SLR cameras are ideal for shooting in macro mode, but you need be familiar with this. Unfortunately, most of the holders of those cameras use them without knowing entirely on their use. We will show you the following awesome macro photos, which the authors are very good at what they do. Welcome to this wonderful […]

Amateur videos of meteor shower in Russia

Amateur video meteor shower in Russia During yesterday’s rain of meteors on the Russian Urals were injured over 1,100 people. Destruction is estimated at tens of millions of dollars, damaged many buildings. The whole event was recorded by the residents of that area, and I must admit that is impressive, in places it felt like […]

New Zealand contest for best-dressed dead opossum

If you think you’ve seen it all, you’d better think again. Today we will show you something that looks like part of a bad horror movie, or, at best, a show of stuffed animals. In one of the schools in New Zealand is a contest for the best dressed a dead opossum. The kids dress […]

Plastic surgery fails

Time for all of us left their mark, with anyone do not care to graciously. However, there is modern medicine and surgery that any defect of the human body is able to compensate. The surgery are mostly used by the richest people of the world and the stars of film and music. Sometimes, however, something […]

Madness on the road

Many times we showed you already that traveling by car can be dangerous, but if a tragedy occurs most often due to carelessness of the driver, so this time the driver is guilty of nothing. When driving a car driver in Brisbane, Australia, was attacked by another actor in the road, the guy is obviously […]

Eagle snatches a child

Mother and baby spend time in the park, nothing portends disaster, when a huge eagle’s coming and grabs the baby’s claws. We do not know whether the film is real, experts comment that it’s rather a photomontage. Anyhow film causes a sensation in the network, so judge it yourselves whether it is true or not.

SuperSexy Anime girls

For people living outside of Japan, a combination of erotic and animation is unthinkable. In the U.S. or Europe cartoon for older viewers with elements of nudity and eroticism are extremely rare. The animation is there¬† a synonym for the product¬† intended for the youngest viewers and is associated with a series of “Looney Tunes” […]

Best photos of 2012 by the Associated Press

The Associated Press has chosen its opinion, the best photos the passing of 2012. We have for you a few dozen of these photographs, take a look and see if they really are that good. Enjoy!

Kenny Easterday – half a body man

Sure sometimes you think that you have a hard life, and that the worse it can not be. Meet then, a guy with half a body, which, despite its imperfections is doing well. This guy is Kenny Easterday – the man who as a result of a rare disease was amputated body from the waist […]

Driving in Russia

Another one of the videos where you can see what it looks like driving a car in Russia. This time, once again, a mixture of irresponsibility, recklessness and stupidity of drivers. Phew, sometimes I’m glad I do not live in Russia …

Police chase motorcyclist

Police work is not just donuts and giving mandates beautiful blondes. These people are more likely to have their hard-earned wages, often risking their own lives. See one of these situations – Police in the Czech Republic, chase motorcyclist, like a good action movie.

Sandy hurricane aftermath

Sandy hurricane effects will be visible for a longer time. Thousands of people were cut off from electricity, flooded homes and basements, hundreds of people missing, destroyed buildings and dozens of people without home. See some photos after passing Sandy.

Hitler Icecream truck

Each of you have probably seen often ice-cream truck. But such a truck like this one below probably not ever seen, or rather heard. We do not know whether Hitler himself ran it or just a fan of his work, one way or another the view is amazing. Turn on your speakers.

Fighting bugs – Scorpion vs hornet

If you are already tired of fighting sports such as boxing and fencing, we’ve got something new – fighting worms! Imagine that two bugs on a daily basis trying to avoid – such as scorpion and hornet, which placed in the aquarium are fighting each other to the death. Be warned, the video is brutal. […]

Pedestrians vs. drivers

Not only do drivers are guilty of accidents on the road, pedestrians are often on their own stupidity or hurry cause dangerous situations on the streets. See compilation of such situations in Russia.

Naked bike parade in Seattle

Every year in late summer and fall on the streets of Seattle takes place in an illegal parade involving cyclists. There would be nothing special if it were not that these cyclists are naked, their bodies are decorated with a variety of drawings only. Parade is organized with environmental and non-political motives. See photos from […]