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Fun | 4 January 2023

The most popular videos on Youtube in 2012

There are only a few hours left to the end of this year and to welcome the year 2013. We present to you in this regard, the most popular videos […]

Babes | 4 January 2023

Bar Refaeli – hot pics and video

Bar Refaeli was born in 1985 in Israel and is a girl that you could see on the covers of magazines (Elle, Maxim, Sports Illustrated), shows underwear, and most recently […]

Fun | 4 January 2023

Google summarizes the year 2012 on video

The end of year is a good time for all summaries and settlement with past 12 months. So too did Google compiling the most important, in their opinion, the moments […]

Fun | 1 January 2023

The beauty of the Polish Tatra mountains

If you are going on vacation and by the way do you like to walk in the mountains it might be worth an interest in the Tatra Mountains – mountains […]

Fun | 1 January 2023

Dumb ways to die

There are lots of stupid ways to die. You can stick a fork into an electrical outlet, jumping on railway tracks or eg burn the hair for fun … See […]

Trivia | 26 December 2021

Video promoting New Zealand

If you watched the series “The Lord of the Rings,” then you can imagine how amazing New Zealand looks, although it’s still necessary to see this movie that promotes this […]

Babes | 26 October 2020

Undressed yoga

If you enjoyed the photos of naked yoga Lyubow Shumeiko, we have for you something similar. This time it is a trailer for the movie “Yoga undressed” – in which […]

Babes | 28 February 2014

Susana Spears walking body painted in public

If your girlfriend complains that still does not know what to wear, show her this entry! There are chicks that would never be shown naked in public, but others do […]

Games | 9 July 2013

First gameplay from Grand Theft Auto V

Long we had to wait, but it’s the first gameplay from highly anticipated sequel to Grand Theft Auto series. The game looks good and the trailer shows that the game […]

Fun | 26 April 2013

New awesome evian water ad

Another funny ad. This time it’s a Evian water ad that in a fun way convinces us that drinking their water can rejuvenates you.

Other | 14 April 2013

It was so close!

It was so close – these people can really say that someone is watching over them. Compilation of very dangerous situations.

Fun | 30 March 2013

The genius of crime

The genius of the crime in action, the video that you will remember for a long time.

Fun | 29 March 2013

Insane Office Escape

Another work from the creators from “Biting Elbows’ – video which again looks like a computer game in reality or in the worst case: a good action movie.

Other | 23 March 2013

Time-lapse: Earth (HD)

Amazing time-lapse video shot on the International Space Station (ISS). See our planet from a beautiful perspective.

Fun | 20 March 2013

Game in real life

Have you ever wondered how would look like a computer action game in real life? Video games allow us to see what life is like a real bully, superman or master […]

Fun | 16 March 2013

How to pick the nose with classy

OK, first of all I check that it is certainly not one of those entries that will change your life or bring a lot to it, but it’s still worth […]

Fun | 12 March 2013

These clumsy penguins

Penguins are animals that are extremely agile and quick when you are in the water. No fish can escape them and few predators able to seize them. However, when the […]

Fun | 7 March 2013

Rabbit fail

Short but funny video! See how white rabbit carelessly is playing with a balloon, the balloon suddenly splits, and then … See for yourself!

Trivia | 16 February 2013

Compilation of nuclear explosions (HD)

Something for fans of all kinds of destruction and explosions. Nine and a half minutes of nuclear explosions immortalized on video. Huge explosions, impressive blasts, and powerful flashes – evokes […]

Other | 16 February 2013

Amateur videos of meteor shower in Russia

Amateur video meteor shower in Russia During yesterday’s rain of meteors on the Russian Urals were injured over 1,100 people. Destruction is estimated at tens of millions of dollars, damaged […]

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