Babes | 4 January 2023

Hot pics of Anna Paquin

Even as a teenager, Anna Paquin won an Oscar for her role in the film “The Piano”, but as We know her from movies such as “Amistad,” “Darkness,” a series […]

Fun | 4 January 2023

How to quit your job with style

Many people do not like their jobs, or even hates it and does it only out of necessity. Many people also eventually give up his job. However, not everyone can […]

Movies | 4 January 2023

Man of steel – trailer

In just a few months premiere of the new “Superman” titled “Man of Steel”, appeared in connection with the trailer for this movie. Looks like it’s going to be another […]

Babes | 4 January 2023

Teens wearing lingerie

Beautiful girl in a sexy lingerie is what bears like the most;) So today we have for you, teens in lingerie pics. Most of them are amateur photos. Enjoy!

Fun | 4 January 2023

The best girlfriends in the World

If you have a loving girl or guy you probably already know that one of the most important and essential qualities in a relationship is understanding each other’s needs and […]

Games | 4 January 2023

List of games for 2013

Year 2013 is about to begin, and in a few days we will said goodbye to the old and welcomed the new year. We found for you a large list […]

Trivia | 4 January 2023

A large statement of ammunition

Each of you probably know picture of bullet to a regular gun. Not all of you know, however, that the types of ammunition is a whole bunch! All in all […]

Babes | 4 January 2023

Forever Alone vs. Michelle Jenneke

You probably remember Michelle Jenneke – sexy Australian runner who attracted the attention of the guys not so long ago. Look what would happen if he met her so called. […]

Fun | 4 January 2023

Google summarizes the year 2012 on video

The end of year is a good time for all summaries and settlement with past 12 months. So too did Google compiling the most important, in their opinion, the moments […]

Movies | 4 January 2023

Behind the scenes of Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is one of the most iconic movie in motion picture history and one of the best works of Quentin Tarantino. The unique atmosphere of the movie, memorable dialogue, […]

Fun | 4 January 2023

The best of “Itchy and Scratchy”

If you watch the TV series “The Simpsons”, then you certainly know the cartoon “Itchy and Scratchy” which appears here regularly. Adventures of this cat and mouse are quite “specific” […]

Trivia | 4 January 2023

Russian elite houses

Most of us live, at most, a single family home. Often, however, this is just a block that does not resemble in the slightest degree the royal palace. But there […]

Other | 4 January 2023

Best photos of 2012 by the Associated Press

The Associated Press has chosen its opinion, the best photos the passing of 2012. We have for you a few dozen of these photographs, take a look and see if […]

Fun | 4 January 2023

Fatty and the problem in the parking lot

We all have our strengths and weaknesses – some would like to look like Brad Pitt and lose a few pounds, while others look like coat hangers and can not […]

Games | 4 January 2023

Metro 2033 for free!

Another amazing opportunity straight from THQ after Humble Bundle. This time we have the opportunity for free to get the key to the game Metro 2033 – Games FPS (first […]

Babes | 4 January 2023

Hot girls in lingerie and swimsuits

Nothing emphasizes shape and does not add sex appeal to a beautiful girl as a pretty tight underwear or swimwear. Evidenced by the nostalgic glances of every guy on the […]

Featured | 2 January 2023

Best photos of 2012 by National Geographic

As every year, National Geographic is hosting a contest for the best photos of the past 12 months. In this year’s competition more than 12 000 images from 152 photographers […]

Fun | 2 January 2023

Oh crap!

Everyone has bad luck sometimes, even the British Queen;) Sometimes by accident, sometimes absent-mindedly or haste and sometimes not through their own fault – we fall into more or less […]

Fun | 2 January 2023

How to trick a baboon

If it happens that in the middle of the wilderness, you run out of water and do not know where is the nearest river or shop, then you can use […]

Babes | 2 January 2023

Hot pics of Katherine Heigl

You know her mainly from the show “Grey’s Anatomy” where he performed as perhaps the most beautiful doctor on the show.

Babes | 2 January 2023

Sexy girls taking self shot

It seems that taking the photos in the mirror became quite fashionable and the photos can be seen on every social networking site. We know that you, too, like sexy […]

Movies | 2 January 2023

The Last Stand – trailer

Oh yes! Finally, a new movie with Terminator, also known as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have not seen any film starring this iconic actor, until recently, being governor of California. Not […]

Fun | 1 January 2023

Power of youth

I do not know if it was intentional but it turned out lovely, look at the performance of a man which was “disturbed” by the child. The experience and strength […]

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