Trivia | 16 October 2012

Felix Baumgartner jump – view from suit

You have to have a huge cohones to jump from such a height, the same view can be deadly not to mention the speed, temperature and massive overload. See Felix […]

Fun | 13 October 2012

Collection of interesting pictures

We present you another collective of interesting pictures, photos for which it is impossible to ignore;) Take a look.

Movies | 12 October 2012

Hitchcock trailer

Fans of Anthony Hopkins and Hitchcock ought to rejoice at the news that soon in theaters will be a movie about this great director. The film also stars Helen Mirren […]

Babes | 11 October 2012

Oktoberfest Girls

October is the annual celebration of beer enthusiasts who gather on the world famous Oktoberfest. But Oktoberfest is not just beer and hundreds of enthusiasts of this drink, it is […]

Other | 11 October 2012

Pedestrians vs. drivers

Not only do drivers are guilty of accidents on the road, pedestrians are often on their own stupidity or hurry cause dangerous situations on the streets. See compilation of such […]

Fun | 9 October 2012

Lucky dog

┬áThe older of you probably remember the game “Frogger” in which a small frog tried to cross a busy street. Some dog probably want to check if it can be […]

Babes | 9 October 2012

Very sexy fitness babes

We all know that sport is good for health, but if one is not entirely convinced so we have prepared for you a collection of girls who practice fitness. See […]

Fun | 9 October 2012

Katie Couric: Hand Model

The natural thing for a lot of guys is that their women take care of the the house, wash, clean up, they deal with the garden and doing many other […]

Fun | 8 October 2012

September fails compilation

This month with a slight delaybut still is worth seeing – a collection of September 2012 fails. Laughing with someone else’s misfortune might not be too elegant but all in […]

Other | 26 September 2012

Fastest workers on earth!

Everyone is good at something, everyone has a talent. However, the people that you see below are in their work the best, and certainly the fastest! See the fastest workers […]

Other | 26 September 2012

Another idiot behind the wheel

Most people trying to follow the rules while driving, but there are still people who think that the busy road is ideal for racing with other cars, and the rules […]

Other | 25 September 2012

Best knockouts of Mike Tyson

Anyone who has even a little interest in boxing knows the name of Mike Tyson. This guy raised and still raises fear in many professional boxers, perhaps because he is […]

Other | 13 August 2012

Car collisions compilation

Driving a car can be very dangerous – just a little moment of carelessness or recklessness is enough to end up in a ditch or in the worse case, in […]

Other | 7 August 2012

Banksy Olympic art

World famous artist Banksy on the occasion of the Olympic Games in London has created several new works. Below you can see them.

Other | 4 August 2012

Thousands of naked bums of Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick for many years is taking pictures of naked people in the natural environment and architecture. In his installations, you can see hundreds or thousands of naked people making […]

Other | 3 August 2012

China’s Olympic factory

At the Olympics in London are leaders in the Olympic medals, but the price that they pay for it is huge. See how China’s are trained young Olympians.

Other | 25 July 2012

The best photos of 2012

Although to the end of the year is still a little but already we can show you pictures that are obviously among the best in this year. See the best […]

Other | 12 July 2012

Diet: before and after

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the advertising showing the weighted people who lose weight thanks to diet a lot. However, such cases do happen and we have the evidence. See […]

Other | 19 April 2012

How to make a vagina

Are you missing your girlfriend or your wife has a bad day? No problem – the need is an mother of invention!

Other | 30 March 2012

Before and after

You can not lose a few pounds, no mater how hard You try? Maybe You are not trying enough? We’ve got something that can encourage you to try harder. Pictures […]

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