Fun | 28 October 2012

October Fail Compilation

As usual at the end of the month it’s time for compilation of fails. In October compilation you will see more than 15 minutes of funny and shocking falls, accidents […]

Babes | 27 October 2012

Hot girl – Yvonne Strahovski

Fans of TV series “Chuck” know her well, the audience of “Dexter” also had the pleasure to meet her recently. Beautiful and hot girl – Yvonne Strahovski, also gave his […]

Fun | 27 October 2012

Women behind the wheel

Stories about women behind the wheel and that they should not drive a car we all know. And despite the fact that statistics show that women are not such bad […]

Other | 27 October 2012

Hitler Icecream truck

Each of you have probably seen often ice-cream truck. But such a truck like this one below probably not ever seen, or rather heard. We do not know whether Hitler […]

Fun | 27 October 2012

Scary and weird memo compilation

We all use notes – for example, to give someone what to do for dinner or to pick up the kids from school, or what to buy at the market. […]

Fun | 27 October 2012

Funny Comments on Youtube

Sometimes the much funnier of the film itself on Youtube, there are comments posted by the users of this site. We have for you today some of these funny comments. […]

Babes | 25 October 2012

Sexy Halloween costumes

Halloween – as every year, is an opportunity to show a unique costume. If you’re a girl and you do not know what to wear for Halloween, we have for […]

Fun | 25 October 2012

Compilation of the guilty dogs

Dogs are very intelligent animals and are well aware when they do something wrong. See a compilation of dogs which you can see right away that they are to blame;)

Babes | 24 October 2012

Hot chubby girls

Many of you probably will agree that it is very slim girls just as very fat are not very sexy. Most hot chicks are the ones that have some skin […]

Movies | 24 October 2012

Iron Man 3 – first trailer

Big Hollywood blockbusters have this they are usually continued, and so is the movie “Iron Man,” the third part will premiere in theaters May 3, 2012. See with what or […]

Other | 24 October 2012

Fighting bugs – Scorpion vs hornet

If you are already tired of fighting sports such as boxing and fencing, we’ve got something new – fighting worms! Imagine that two bugs on a daily basis trying to […]

Fun | 23 October 2012

Japan sword master

 A fragment of a Japanese movie in which you will see what it means to be a true champion;-) Pure perfection! Japan sword master – enjoy!    

Fun | 23 October 2012

Lucky people

Sometimes a millimeter separates us from the misery. Whether in the car or on a bike or in your own home, sometimes we have more luck than sense. It also […]

Babes | 22 October 2012

Scarlett Johansson pics

Scarlett Johansson is one of the most famous and popular actresses in Hollywood and beyond that is a beautiful and sexy woman. Scarlett was born in 1984 in NY and […]

Fun | 22 October 2012

Ave Maria from septic tank

To sing “Ave Maria” is not necessary choir and concert hall. Just one guy and … the septic tank. See for yourself how much you need that the effect was […]

Fun | 20 October 2012

Unlock 007 in You

How to win exclusive tickets to the latest James Bond film – Skyfall? Nothing simpler, just use one of the mysterious machines with Coke Zero. In fact, it is not […]

Fun | 19 October 2012

Justin Jedlica – human Ken doll

Several times already we showed you girls looking like a Barbie doll, but it turns out that guys are not any better and we have the first guy looks like […]

Fun | 18 October 2012

Meanwhile in Australia

Australia is still very exotic and wild country. This country, although it is one of the most developed countries in the world, it is also known, among others of the […]

Babes | 18 October 2012

The most beautiful and sexiest Redheads

Opinions about the redheads are divided, some claim that they are clever, others that it is not the case and it’s just superstition. We will prove to you today that […]

Fun | 18 October 2012

Funny and stupid tv game show answers

TV game shows are a source of entertainment for many generations, but sometimes the fault of the people running them or participants, there are in these stupid or very funny […]

Babes | 18 October 2012

Cosplay babes

If you love the manga you probably also like a girls dressed in a Japanese cartoon style. We have for you some photos of babes in cosplay style, enjoy!

Fun | 17 October 2012

A young polar bear learns to walk

Learning to walk is one of the most useful things that we learn in life. This also applies to children of polar bears, which, like most baby animals are the […]

Fun | 17 October 2012

Wingsuit proximity flying

And here it is – another video showing flying in a special suit called “wingsuit“. If you like adrenaline, beautiful mountain views and good music then you can not miss […]

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