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Fun | 12 April 2013

Whole internet in one picture

The guys from CollegeHumor tried to portray the internet as we know it on one picture. See how it came to them.

Other | 23 March 2013

Time-lapse: Earth (HD)

Amazing time-lapse video shot on the International Space Station (ISS). See our planet from a beautiful perspective.

Trivia | 22 March 2013

50 interesting facts about human hair

Did you know that human hair can contain traces of gold, or about the fact that some Chinese soy sauce includes amino acids from human hair?

Trivia | 21 March 2013

Awesome PC case modifications

PC case does not have to be boring box hidden under the desk. See photos of awesome PC case modifications that are true works of art.

Fun | 18 March 2013

NYC timelapse

Amazing timelapse recording that shows the passing of time in NYC.

Fun | 7 March 2013

House in the middle of the river

Do you like fishing and would like to do it without leaving home? Not a problem! See some amazing photos of the house which stands on a rock in the […]

Fun | 4 March 2013

Really dirty PCs

Without a PCs no one can imagine daily life today. We work with them, we play with them and learn from PCs that are already in almost every home. Although […]

Fun | 4 March 2013

Amazing demonstration of balance

An amazing show of balance and concentration. Japanese “talent show” in which a man builds a structure composed of several large and small sticks – all a bit reminiscent of […]

Fun | 21 February 2013

Old people with large tattoos

Tattoo is something that in most cases is something for life. If you have a tattoo or want to do it once and wondered how it will look in old […]

Babes | 19 February 2013

How to make a dildo

Ok ladies, responding to your requests associated with entry “How to make a vagina” – today we will show you how to make your own homemade dildo! You do not […]

Other | 18 February 2013

Awesome macro photography

SLR cameras are ideal for shooting in macro mode, but you need be familiar with this. Unfortunately, most of the holders of those cameras use them without knowing entirely on […]

Trivia | 18 February 2013

Anti-masturbation devices for men

Masturbation is something that in most societies is shameful and condemned act. Despite to this, everybody does it, even if they will not admit it… Few of you probably know […]

Trivia | 16 February 2013

Compilation of nuclear explosions (HD)

Something for fans of all kinds of destruction and explosions. Nine and a half minutes of nuclear explosions immortalized on video. Huge explosions, impressive blasts, and powerful flashes – evokes […]

Other | 16 February 2013

Amateur videos of meteor shower in Russia

Amateur video meteor shower in Russia During yesterday’s rain of meteors on the Russian Urals were injured over 1,100 people. Destruction is estimated at tens of millions of dollars, damaged […]

Fun | 14 February 2013

Russian kindergarten – other than all

What do children in kindergarten? They play with toys and teddy bears, learning how to tie shoes, draw with crayons or watching cartoons, or just sleeping. But not in Russia! […]

Trivia | 11 February 2013

Attacks of pit bulls

Pit Bulls are one of the most aggressive breeds of dogs, very resistant to pain and very valiant. Often occur attacks of these dogs to other animals and dogs, less […]

Trivia | 9 February 2013

Rain of spiders

If you do not like spiders or worse – suffer from arachnophobia, it is better not watch this video! In one village the whole sky is covered with spiders – […]

Babes | 25 January 2013

Russian wedding

Wedding is a time of joy for both the young couple as well as guests. Guests can enjoy delicious food and attractions that have prepared for them a young couple. […]

Fun | 20 January 2013

People are awesome – 2012 (HD)

After watching this compilation, you will certainly agree with the title – people are actually capable of amazing things, and sometimes it is worth it to move away from the […]

Fun | 16 January 2013

Spectacular piloting a helicopter!

Helicopters are not perhaps too spectacular flying machines, not in comparison with the jets. But if at the controls will be the right man, even in the classic Mi-2 can […]

Trivia | 12 January 2013

Best photos of National Geographic

Selected the best photos of National Geographic. Among them, of course, great shots of flora and fauna, and The winning photos were chosen also the Internet users and journalists. See […]

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