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Fun | 23 November 2012

Picture of an elephant painted by an elephant

Awesome! You probably just as we thought that the painting is reserved only for humans, but it turns out that there is nothing further from the truth! See an elephant […]

Trivia | 22 November 2012

Life on Mars?

According to NASA sources, Curiosity rover that explores the past few months the red planet, discovered something very interesting. Something that permanent will go down in history books. Nasa does […]

Fun | 19 November 2012

The beauty of the Polish Tatra mountains

If you are going on vacation and by the way do you like to walk in the mountains it might be worth an interest in the Tatra Mountains – mountains […]

Trivia | 14 November 2012

Clever gadgets

Sometimes a small and seemingly insignificant modification of existing equipment may be a significant impact on their usefulness. We found for you a set of such clever gadgets – see […]

Trivia | 13 November 2012

One of the biggest anaconda snakes

Steer clear of snakes from a distance, especially venomous. But how to bypass snake that is 8 meters long and can easily swallow a human or an alligator? Such a […]

Movies | 2 November 2012

Interesting facts about Star Trek

Star Trek is television series and movies on which have grown hundreds of teenagers across the world. Hardly any boy did not want to be like Captain Jean-Luc Picard or […]

Trivia | 31 October 2012

Interesting facts

Did you know about that chewing gum helps when cutting onions, or that the ants can survive a fall from a skyscraper, or about the fact that the only food […]

Trivia | 28 October 2012

Simple tricks to make your life easier

Do you know what you can do with used plastic bottles, what do you do if you do not carry a cell phone charger, or how to safely drive a […]

Trivia | 28 October 2012

Snake that eats itself

Hunger causes that we do things that we would normally not even think. But we do not know whether in this case it was a hunger or a simple suicide […]

Fun | 17 October 2012

Wingsuit proximity flying

And here it is – another video showing flying in a special suit called “wingsuit“. If you like adrenaline, beautiful mountain views and good music then you can not miss […]

Trivia | 16 October 2012

Felix Baumgartner jump – view from suit

You have to have a huge cohones to jump from such a height, the same view can be deadly not to mention the speed, temperature and massive overload. See Felix […]

Fun | 9 October 2012

Katie Couric: Hand Model

The natural thing for a lot of guys is that their women take care of the the house, wash, clean up, they deal with the garden and doing many other […]

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