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Fun | 4 January 2023

Russian “Hobbit” from 1985

In cinemas for a few days, you can see Peter Jackson’s latest film – “The Hobbit”, but probably very few of you know that the Russians in 1985 made a […]

Fun | 4 January 2023

The best Russian photos of 2012

Another set of photos summarizing the past year 2012. This time they are photos from Russia, made by the Russians and in the Russia. These are mostly pictures of nature […]

Trivia | 4 January 2023

Russian elite houses

Most of us live, at most, a single family home. Often, however, this is just a block that does not resemble in the slightest degree the royal palace. But there […]

Babes | 21 December 2021

Girls from Russian social networking sites

If you are looking for pretty girls with natural beauty without kilograms of silicone and plastic, you should be sure to go to Russia! You will find there lots of […]

Fun | 25 March 2021

Door surfing

The Russians are able to surprise with its ingenuity. This time we will see how to surf without a surfboard. Just a piece of board or old doors and a […]

Babes | 23 September 2019

Hottest pictures of Galina Dub

She is youtuber, model, traveller and above all a beautiful girl. Meet Galina Dub (or Galina Dubenenko) – hot russian chick who is very popular on Instagram. Her birthday is […]

Babes | 19 October 2017

Beautiful teens – 45 pics

If you love amazing girls this is the right place! Today we are showing you 45 great selfies of beautiful teens. They are simply stunning!

Other | 20 February 2013

Russian car crash compilation (February 2013)

To the end the month has been a little more and we already have the february compilation of car crash from Russia. After watching this video you must admit that […]

Fun | 14 February 2013

Russian kindergarten – other than all

What do children in kindergarten? They play with toys and teddy bears, learning how to tie shoes, draw with crayons or watching cartoons, or just sleeping. But not in Russia! […]

Babes | 25 January 2013

Russian wedding

Wedding is a time of joy for both the young couple as well as guests. Guests can enjoy delicious food and attractions that have prepared for them a young couple. […]

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