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Russian kindergarten – other than all

What do children in kindergarten? They play with toys and teddy bears, learning how to tie shoes, draw with crayons or watching cartoons, or just sleeping. But not in Russia! In Russia, everything is different and thus preschoolers deal with things that resident of the U.S. or Europe would not come to mind. See how children in Russia temper at 20 degrees cold. Additionally, they are only in their underwear and water in buckets of water. I have goose bumps from watching this …

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Babes Trivia 

Russian wedding

Wedding is a time of joy for both the young couple as well as guests. Guests can enjoy delicious food and attractions that have prepared for them a young couple. As in Russia, everything is “other”, are the attractions at weddings tend to be a little different from the rest of the world. Here just two strippers entertain guests who have chosen his victim by one of the guests … A little unconventional, but not that we did not like …

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Fun Movies 

Russian “Hobbit” from 1985

In cinemas for a few days, you can see Peter Jackson’s latest film – “The Hobbit”, but probably very few of you know that the Russians in 1985 made a his own film based on the work of Tolkien. The film, of course, is called “The Hobbit” and is … horrible! In fact, any element of this russian hobbit can not be compared with the work of Peter Jackson – set design, acting, “special effects” and all the rest, even for the year 1985 does not impress or even reject…

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Russian elite houses

Most of us live, at most, a single family home. Often, however, this is just a block that does not resemble in the slightest degree the royal palace. But there are people who do not complain about the lack of money and can afford to live in houses costing as much as the income of a small country. These apartments and houses are, for example the Russian elite, and you can see them below.

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