Watch Dogs gameplay (HD) – looks cool


If you love freedom, and a good graphics in combination with a high dose of action, you should eagerly wait for the upcoming game “Watch Dogs”.
Watch Dogs is an action game to a certain extent similar to the GTA series. In the game we play as a hacker who can break into any electronic device or even destroy them.
In the game there is no established mission or how to play, we have freedom of choice and, according to the authors: the possibilities are endless.
Graphics looks a lot very detailed than in the GTA, there is also a lot of action and interesting possibilities. Better yet, if you see yourself gameplay from the game.
It looks pretty cool and I already can not wait.

The game will be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and PC. Premiere will take place this year and the producer of the game is Ubisoft.


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