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Games | 4 January 2023

Overview of the best games of 2012

Time for another summary of the passing – 2012. This time, let us consider games for PC and consoles, and more specifically we will show you the best and most […]

Fun | 4 April 2021

Steam Summer Sale

Summer sale started on Steam gaming platform. Somehow it became a tradition that during the summer and before Christmas at Steam sales are held during which you can buy at […]

Babes | 15 July 2019

Girl playing games

If your girlfriend likes to play games then you can have fun together!

Fun | 4 March 2013

Really dirty PCs

Without a PCs no one can imagine daily life today. We work with them, we play with them and learn from PCs that are already in almost every home. Although […]

Games | 22 February 2013

Watch Dogs gameplay (HD) – looks cool

If you love freedom, and a good graphics in combination with a high dose of action, you should eagerly wait for the upcoming game “Watch Dogs”. Watch Dogs is an […]

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