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Fun | 11 September 2021

Flying hippos

Hippos usually we can see on the ground, rarely we have the opportunity to see these huge animals under water. This opportunity have a visitors of one of the zoos. […]

Fun | 26 April 2013

New awesome evian water ad

Another funny ad. This time it’s a Evian water ad that in a fun way convinces us that drinking their water can rejuvenates you.

Fun | 28 March 2013

Blonde, boat and double fail

In order not to fall out of the boat, you need to be able to balance fairly well. Especially when entering and exiting the boat to the shore, you have […]

Fun | 14 February 2013

Russian kindergarten – other than all

What do children in kindergarten? They play with toys and teddy bears, learning how to tie shoes, draw with crayons or watching cartoons, or just sleeping. But not in Russia! […]

Fun | 8 January 2013

In one second he drank a bottle of water

You know that feeling when on a hot day, do not hold out any longer and you feel that you have something to drink immediately? Thirst is ruthless sometimes, and […]

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