Sexy girls playing video games

Beautiful girls and video games – are the two best things in the world for any guy. But hard to connect them together, well, because how can you play games when you are sitting next to sexy chick – for example, in underwear? For me, it would be impossible, and every time I would have to start the level all over again ;-D But girls also like video games, and their view in front of a TV can be quite sexy! See for yourselves – sexy girls playing video games.

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No logic in video games

Video games are such a wonderful invention so that we can have many lives, we can heal the worst wounds ordinary bandage, a fall from a skyscraper costs us at most a few points of life … In video games, there are no rules that apply in real life and I think that’s why we so willingly sit for hours in front of a monitor or TV. We have compiled for you a few examples of that in the video game logic does not exist. Enjoy!

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