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How to make a dildo

Ok ladies, responding to your requests associated with entry “How to make a vagina” – today we will show you how to make your own homemade dildo! You do not want to spend money in a store or want to try something new? Or perhaps, nosy parents stand in the way? No problem, just a bit of persistence and some commonly available items is enough to get your own sex toy that will provide you pleasure in the lonely times! There are several ways to make your own dildo, we…

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Anne Hathaway flashed her pussy

Well, everyone can be caught by the nasty paparazzi when he’s not wearing panties is. Or not because hardly anyone comes without panties. It happened in any case, well-known actress Anne Hathaway at the premiere of the film “Les Miserables” (which we wrote about a couple of days ago) at New York’s Ziegfeld Theatre. While getting out of the car Anne was captured by the photographic camera lens in a rather uncomfortable situation for her and we saw her vagina. Fortunately, Anne does not have to be ashamed of of…

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