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How to make a dildo

Ok ladies, responding to your requests associated with entry “How to make a vagina” – today we will show you how to make your own homemade dildo! You do not want to spend money in a store or want to try something new? Or perhaps, nosy parents stand in the way? No problem, just a bit of persistence and some commonly available items is enough to get your own sex toy that will provide you pleasure in the lonely times! There are several ways to make your own dildo, we…

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Anti-masturbation devices for men

Masturbation is something that in most societies is shameful and condemned act. Despite to this, everybody does it, even if they will not admit it… Few of you probably know about this, but for hundreds of years created devices that have prevent masturbation! That is, if someone does not want to obey orders and too much liked to masturbate, it goes so far as to “technical solutions”. There are many devices that are intended to their creators had to prevent masturbation. Today we will show you the anti-masturbation devices for…

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