Machete Kills – trailer and poster

If you liked the first part of “Machete” adventures then you should definitely go to cinemas September 11th – then Machete will return in “Machete Kills”! The second part of the adventures of a guy with balls of steel and the face from horror. Machete returns to theaters for 11 September 2013 in the second part of the adventure called “Machete Kills”. About this what adventures await us in the film, and the stars in the play you will be watching the trailer for the film, we will suggest that…

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20 hottest photos of Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is one of those actresses that most guys know, but they may not know in which movies she played the: D Jessica was born in 1981 in the U.S. and you could see her in movies such as the excellent “Sin city”, “Machete”, “The Eye”, “Fantastic Four” or “Escape From Planet Earth” (which will premiere this year) . Jessica Alba is a beautiful actress whose face and body are hard to forget. See 20 hottest pictures of Jessica Alba.

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