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Fun | 4 January 2023

Fatty and the problem in the parking lot

We all have our strengths and weaknesses – some would like to look like Brad Pitt and lose a few pounds, while others look like coat hangers and can not […]

Fun | 30 December 2022

Indestructible bridge

Human stupidity knows no bounds, but laziness reaches even further;-) Already we showed you a lot of strange situations on the road, but it was probably still nothing with the […]

Fun | 29 December 2022

Women behind the wheel

Stories about women behind the wheel and that they should not drive a car we all know. And despite the fact that statistics show that women are not such bad […]

Fun | 13 March 2013

“Test Drive” with NASCAR champion

When buying a car it is good to try it out and go for a test drive. This car salesman did not expect, however, that the buyer is a star […]

Babes | 10 March 2013

Car washing beauties

Washing car is a job that most people postpone until later, there are always more interesting and important things than running with a bucket of water and sponge around the […]

Other | 20 February 2013

Russian car crash compilation (February 2013)

To the end the month has been a little more and we already have the february compilation of car crash from Russia. After watching this video you must admit that […]

Fun | 6 February 2013

Most ridiculous car accidents

Although the cars are getting safer and the roads better and wider to car accidents are still common. There are, however, the car accidents that are difficult to explain and […]

Fun | 17 January 2013

Switzerland seen from a car

Switzerland is a beautiful country which in addition to neutrality has a great nature. This time, we invite you for a ride by car in Switzerland. 15-minute video in which […]

Fun | 15 January 2013

Women trying to get out of the garage

There have been incidents of the women behind the wheel, some claim that women are good drivers, others the opposite. See this time as a woman coped with the car […]

Fun | 10 January 2013

Ghost driver prank

Some prankster decided to hide in his car and see the reaction of employees Mc-drive and the like, when to the restaurant will come empty car without a driver. Look […]

Other | 19 December 2012

Madness on the road

Many times we showed you already that traveling by car can be dangerous, but if a tragedy occurs most often due to carelessness of the driver, so this time the […]

Other | 26 September 2012

Another idiot behind the wheel

Most people trying to follow the rules while driving, but there are still people who think that the busy road is ideal for racing with other cars, and the rules […]

Other | 13 August 2012

Car collisions compilation

Driving a car can be very dangerous – just a little moment of carelessness or recklessness is enough to end up in a ditch or in the worse case, in […]

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