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Never Ever Do This At Home – preview of new TV show


See preview a new TV program called “Never Ever Do This At Home” in which you see how completely destroy the home doing things you should not do.

For sure, you often found a term “never do it at home” – in various movies and documentaries. Ironically, these are almost always things that we would do very happy in our house 😀
If you’ve ever wanted to do things at home that almost certainly would require a major overhaul, or explanation to your family, you should see a new TV show made ​​by the Discovery Channel called “Never Ever Do This At Home”.
See preview of this program, and in it, among others what would happen when we pierced a water bed, exploding firecrackers in the house, mowing the carpet and many more risky ideas that certainly should not be done at home.


Going to be interesting, would not only be that they showed all the interesting moments already in this preview.

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