Games for a dollar: Humble Deep Silver Bundle


There is another opportunity to buy for almost nothing great game, and the way to support the charity.
You can do it through the Humble Bundle – known and respected service which for the last few years he has organized interesting sales within which you can buy for ANY money games, books and music.
This time, for a minimum of one a dollar can buy a set of games such as Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2: Dark Water, Saints Row 2 and Sacred Gold.
Paying about $ 5 you get also: Dead Island GOTY and DLC for Saint Row The Third.
For those who pay a minimum of $ 25 will go also Dead Island Riptide.

All games are on Steam. To the games are also included soundtracks
Not a bad set for little money. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this time the games is intended only for Windows. Mac and Linux users this time, unfortunately, have nothing to look for here.


Url to the store: http://www.humblebundle.com


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