Elisany Silva – tallest teenage girl


Brazilian Elisany Silva is the tallest teenager in the world.
This 17 year old girl currently measures 210 cm. growth and by their growth had to stop going to school and ride the bus because she did not fit into the seat.
Elisany Silva had a brain tumor that caused excessive production of growth hormone and the girl grew by 15 cm. year, and at age 14 she had 206 cm.
The tumor threatening her life, but fortunately was able to remove it and now she finally stopped growing. Elise stopped at 210 cm. growth and even managed to find a boyfriend, who does not mind growth of her girlfriend. Francinaldo is only 162 cm. so he is half a meter lower than his girlfriend but the couple ensures that they are in love and the difference of growth only bother them during walks..
See photos and video of this girl (she is quite pretty by the way).


Video about Elisany:

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