50 interesting facts about human hair


Did you know that human hair can contain traces of gold, or about the fact that some Chinese soy sauce includes amino acids from human hair?

You are probably interest also the fact that only 2% of the population are blonde! If you do not have enough, you’ll be interested in fact that on average human head hair is 100.000, or about the fact that the guy spends, on average up to 5 months in the life of the shave!
Another surprising fact is such that during the Victorian era jewelery were made from the hair of deceased loved ones.

These are just a few interesting facts about the human hair, and the rest – a collection of 50 of the most interesting facts about human hair can be found in the graphic below.

Here you will find information on the history, biology, hair color and hair caring. There is also a section entitled “WTF” ;-D



Full size graphic: here

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