27 examples of female logic (or rather lack of it)


Female logic is something that no man can not comprehend Some even believe that such a thing does not exist… Below are 27 examples to prove this claim.

Every guy knows very well that it is impossible to understand women. From a young age these beautiful and sexy creatures give us at every step, the evidence that we have no chance of understanding their needs or their logic.
When a woman says “Yes” – usually mean “No”, when a woman is in the mood for pizza then you can be pretty sure that just before her delivery she changes her mind. When she said she was going to the bathroom for a moment you can be sure that she will spend a few hours there, and when you sit in front of TV to watch your favorite game or series that you can be 100% sure that you will be asked for a moment for rubbish removal, shopping or to repair some unimportant fault.
Yes, female logic is twisted and unexplored. Below you can see 27 examples to prove this claim, enjoy!





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