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Fun | 4 January 2023

Fail compilation – December 2012

This time with a slight delay, but finally is! Fail compilation from TNL, this time from December 2012. Enjoy watching!

Fun | 1 January 2023

Fail compilation of December 2012

Oh yes! November’s fail compilation is here! As every month tireless TNL has provided us with a few minutes of fun zbieracjÄ…c funny and shocking Fail, accidents, falls and other […]

Fun | 30 December 2022

October Fail Compilation

As usual at the end of the month it’s time for compilation of fails. In October compilation you will see more than 15 minutes of funny and shocking falls, accidents […]

Fun | 5 January 2022

Fails of August 2012

Month of August is slowly dying off, so time as usual at this time on a new fail compilation by “TNL”. Prepare for a lot of falls, collisions and funny […]

Fun | 24 May 2021

July 2012 fail compilation

As every month invaluable TNL presented his fail compilation See a collection of the funniest tippers, collisions and slips which occurred in July. Enjoy!

Fun | 6 April 2013

Fail Compilation – March 2013 by TNL

Fail Compilation of March 2013 by TNL. A large dose of rollover, collisions and painful falls. If you like sometimes to laugh with someone’s misfortune, then it is necessary to […]

Fun | 4 March 2013

February 2013 – fail compilation

As every month – time for the next fail compilation! Of course, the author of this compilation is, as usual, dependable TNL. See dozens of funny and shocking fails – […]

Fun | 4 February 2013

Fail Compilation January 2013

It might not be too elegant but most of us like to laugh at someone’s misfortune. Proof of this are the millions of video views in a series of “fail […]

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