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Fun | 6 November 2022

Funny Out Of Order signs

Signs telling you that something is closed usually do not cause smile at us, on the contrary. Just a little creativity, however, to the sad information make something pretty fun. […]

Fun | 1 March 2022

Senseless titles and signs

A bottle of Coke in which is Fanta, storefront shelf with “candies” on which is an alcohol, or package with “forks” where they are spoon. These and many other photos […]

Fun | 15 March 2021

Meaningless signs

Signs usually are designed to make our lives more easy, but there are signs that perhaps only they know the meaning of their creators. We present you a set of […]

Fun | 27 February 2013

Funny toilet signs

Toilet is the only place to which even kings go on foot. Sometimes, however, even the king may have a problem which door to choose, and that’s why they invented […]

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