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Fun | 1 January 2023

Scary police prank

Some people have specific sense of humor, in this case, the “victim” will be long remembered his birthday and prank that was prepared for him colleagues from the police. See […]

Fun | 29 December 2022

Scary and weird memo compilation

We all use notes – for example, to give someone what to do for dinner or to pick up the kids from school, or what to buy at the market. […]

Fun | 31 March 2013

Scariest Easter Bunnies

Easter bunnies may be cute, sexy, or… SCARY! See a collection of scariest easter bunnies.

Fun | 6 March 2013

Dating in Google Glass

Technology is entering more and more boldly in our lives and if you already now you can not do without your favorite website or you can not sleep without your […]

Trivia | 9 February 2013

Rain of spiders

If you do not like spiders or worse – suffer from arachnophobia, it is better not watch this video! In one village the whole sky is covered with spiders – […]

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