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Fun | 29 June 2022

Farting in front of people

Farting is a most embarrassing situation and people try to hide this fact from others. These guys, however, decided to make this an opportunity for a joke. See how farting […]

Fun | 15 April 2013

Best office pranks ever

Working in an office does not have to be boring, because one day you may become a victim of a prank that will become legendary! See such best office pranks.

Fun | 9 April 2013

Prank with the werewolf in a cab

Middle of the night, two young girls and the driver who turning into werewolf. It could not go wrong, see a prank with the a werewolf in a cab.

Fun | 8 March 2013

Wake up prank compilation

Ever woke smeared with shaving foam or thrown into a pool of cold water? You should be happy because the people they see in the following video met a nasty […]

Fun | 4 February 2013

Fake snake attack

What do we do when we see a snake next to us? We run! So too did the people on the beach in Miami, on which was released a fake […]

Fun | 10 January 2013

Ghost driver prank

Some prankster decided to hide in his car and see the reaction of employees Mc-drive and the like, when to the restaurant will come empty car without a driver. Look […]

Fun | 18 November 2012

Prank with spiders and pretty girls

Everyone knows that girls are afraid of spiders, mice and other small creatures that really, in most cases do not present any danger. One guy decided to take advantage of […]

Fun | 13 November 2012

Scary police prank

Some people have specific sense of humor, in this case, the “victim” will be long remembered his birthday and prank that was prepared for him colleagues from the police. See […]

Fun | 6 November 2012

Trick or Treat prank

How would you react if during the Halloween instead of candy were given a bag of sugar or have to play tic tac toe to get candy? It happened to […]

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