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Fun | 8 March 2013

Jimmy Kimmel – new pope and pedestrians

Jimmy Kimmel again shape! This time the team of Jimmy Kimmel asks pedestrians accidentally met, what they think about the new pope. Of course there is still not a new […]

Fun | 28 February 2013

Movie: The Movie V2

Further work Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy, this time together with other stars in the parody movie starring on such movie “The Avengers” and zombie movies in general. “Movie: The Movie” is […]

Fun | 21 February 2013

Jimmy Kimmel – terrible valentine’s day gift

Jimmy Kimmel has got used us to the fact that he likes to ruin opportunity for people to receive gifts;-) is what happened to Christmas holidays and Halloween. It was […]

Fun | 25 January 2013

Matt Damon takes over Jimmy Kimmel show

Matt Damon for years appears in the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live, both of them are locked in little game in which one tries to pique the other;) This time, […]

Fun | 6 November 2012

Trick or Treat prank

How would you react if during the Halloween instead of candy were given a bag of sugar or have to play tic tac toe to get candy? It happened to […]

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