Just another photo set of hot Asians

Asian girls never cease to surprise with their extraordinary beauty and sex appeal. These wonderful and sweet chicks often look hotter than their colleagues from the U.S. or Europe, and if we add to this the fact that these girls do not avoid posing in lingerie, topless or even nude then the emotions reach the zenith and only remains for us to invite you to gallery in which to present you more hot pics of these Asian hotties.

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Tire ski jumping – weird Japanese competition

Probably you got used to the fact that everything in Japan is a little different than in the rest the civilized world. Is it better or worse – we leave your evaluation. Getting back to the theme – we want to show you today a bizarre Japanese competition in which there are no people, but there’s a huge ski jump and… car tires! Imagine a hard rubber tire hurtling down the ski jump, and then flying dozens of feet in the air. Which of them will fly farthest? Check it…

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SuperSexy Anime girls

For people living outside of Japan, a combination of erotic and animation is unthinkable. In the U.S. or Europe cartoon for older viewers with elements of nudity and eroticism are extremely rare. The animation is there  a synonym for the product  intended for the youngest viewers and is associated with a series of “Looney Tunes” and Disney animation. In Japan, however, the cartoons are created also for older viewers, and an integral part of anime (ie Japanese variety of animation) are a beautiful girls with big blue eyes and even…

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