24 funny and interesting facts

The world is full of interesting facts. Below you will find 24 funny and interesting facts about which you probably did not have a clue.   As today is a 24 day of the month, we have for you 24 fun and interesting facts. You will find, among other things: how often birds poo, what percentage of women pushes wear, stuffed bra, what a funny term in the Aztec language means avocado, and how many hours per year on average teenagers spend on watching porn. These and many other fun…

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Interesting facts about sleep

Did you know about the fact that we slept 1/3 of our lives? Or about the fact that the average man has 10 erections during sleep? Perhaps you also interested in information that the position in which you sleep defines your personality and lack of sleep for 10 days in a row can cause death. These and other interesting facts about sleep can be found in the graphic below. Graphics come from

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Movies Trivia 

Movie trivia

Sometimes more interesting than the themselves movies is filming, and trivia associated with it. Did you know for example, that for the film “Thor” the whole town was built in New Mexico, or the movie “Avatar” is up to 60% of computer animation? However, in the movie “Twilight” authors had to cut some scenes because they contained too much sex and so the film could not be watched by the youngest viewers. These and other interesting facts about the most popular movies you can find below.

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