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Fun | 13 February 2021

Misplaced stickers

It happened to you that sticker on a product was in the worst possible place? It turns out that such a sticker can seemingly innocent product make something completely different […]

Fun | 4 January 2021

Dead hamster

Great actors do not only occur among people. See how a hamster playing dead. Our candidate for an Oscar! 🙂

Fun | 30 December 2020

Something wrong with this picture…

There are some pictures that You could say there is nothing special about them, but when You concencrate You’ll find there is definitely something funny or wrong with them.

Fun | 10 December 2020

Sleeping cats

Cats are very funny pets. On the Internet we can find hundreds of videos and photos where cats can make you laugh to tears. This time we found for you […]

Fun | 4 December 2020

Playstation 5 memes

In 2020 we didn’t have many reasons to be happy, but one such event (at least for players) was certainly the recent release of Playstation 5 console.

Fun | 25 November 2020

Funny and crazy pics set

Welcome welcome, we have for you today another set of funny and interesting photos found on the Internet. You’ll see this time how to make a proposal with a dolphin […]

Fun | 5 September 2014

The most awkward album covers

Despite the fact that the music on the CDs goes slowly to rest, still it’s hard to find a house that does not have a stack of CDs with hits […]

Fun | 31 May 2013

They wait, but soon…

They are everywhere – cats, dogs, birds, and plushies. Lurk in hiding, waiting for their time. But very soon … See for yourself and… beware!

Fun | 26 April 2013

New awesome evian water ad

Another funny ad. This time it’s a Evian water ad that in a fun way convinces us that drinking their water can rejuvenates you.

Fun | 24 April 2013

24 funny and interesting facts

The world is full of interesting facts. Below you will find 24 funny and interesting facts about which you probably did not have a clue.   As today is a […]

Fun | 15 April 2013

Bad product names

Some of the names of the products are so hilarious and bad that amazes me that something like this was created and sells. See examples of this.

Fun | 19 March 2013

Funny and unexpected test answers

Any kind of written tests are intended to check the candidate’s knowledge. People who check such tests, however, do not have an easy life, as tested at times give answers […]

Fun | 17 March 2013

Crazy and funny hats – 30 photos

If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s a proven way to wear unusual clothes. And if you really are in a crowd, it’s best to see what […]

Fun | 14 March 2013

60 funny and weird pics

Title reveals all, I will add only that you see here, including some very funny moving GIFs, a few alterations of known memes and many other funny and weird photos […]

Fun | 12 March 2013

These clumsy penguins

Penguins are animals that are extremely agile and quick when you are in the water. No fish can escape them and few predators able to seize them. However, when the […]

Fun | 10 March 2013

Paper vs. tablet

Modern technology is a wonderful thing that helps us to live, allows things that a few decades ago, we have not even dreamed of. But there are things for which […]

Fun | 7 March 2013

Rabbit fail

Short but funny video! See how white rabbit carelessly is playing with a balloon, the balloon suddenly splits, and then … See for yourself!

Fun | 28 February 2013

Movie: The Movie V2

Further work Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy, this time together with other stars in the parody movie starring on such movie “The Avengers” and zombie movies in general. “Movie: The Movie” is […]

Fun | 28 February 2013

Djesus Uncrossed

Something for fans of “Inglourious Basterds” and “Django Unchained.” This time the hero is Jesus Christ who rebukes unbelievers Romans. As Jesus was Christoph Waltz and is accompanied by a […]

Fun | 27 February 2013

Funny toilet signs

Toilet is the only place to which even kings go on foot. Sometimes, however, even the king may have a problem which door to choose, and that’s why they invented […]

Fun | 26 February 2013

They’re sexy and they know it

Some people will not take any criticism of themselves, they just are sexy and they know it! See photos of people (and not only) who are the epitome of sex […]

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