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Hottest babes of REEF – 31 photos

REEF company every year organizes the election of Miss bikini, which focuses the attention of all lovers of shapely girls asses in bikini.┬áSee the hottest babes of REEF on the 31 photos. Every year there are elections of Miss Bikini Reef. Girls who participate in this competition have simply amazing butts! As if that were not enough, they are so beautiful and posing in a skimpy bikini flexing for the camera and doing whatever they can to defeat their opponents. You have probably seen somewhere individual pictures of these girls,…

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Tire ski jumping – weird Japanese competition

Probably you got used to the fact that everything in Japan is a little different than in the rest the civilized world. Is it better or worse – we leave your evaluation. Getting back to the theme – we want to show you today a bizarre Japanese competition in which there are no people, but there’s a huge ski jump and… car tires! Imagine a hard rubber tire hurtling down the ski jump, and then flying dozens of feet in the air. Which of them will fly farthest? Check it…

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