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Fun | 1 January 2023

Slip and fall collection

Nothing more funny than someone else fall, slip or collision. It is not nice to laugh at someone’s hurt, but those who we are. So instead of pretending that we […]

Fun | 30 December 2022

Cat stunts

Cats are an inexhaustible source of funny situations, evidenced by the hundreds of funny videos placed on the Internet. This time we have for you a collection of movies with […]

Fun | 7 August 2021

Funniest names

Dick Kock,  Jesus Condom or Robert Fagot – these are just some of the funniest collection of names that we have for you. See photos of people who have a […]

Fun | 10 November 2020

Funny and strange pics collection

We have for you another portion of the funny and weird photos that recently surfaced on the web. Some of them are really successful, so we invite you to watch. […]

Babes | 5 February 2014

Lovely babes collection – new girls!

Another fine photos of lovely babes. On the web you will find many photos of beautiful girls, but only here you will find them all in one place.

Babes | 14 October 2013

More pics of lovely babes

The first part of these fantastic photos can be found here, we showed you there real goddesses – the most beautiful and lovely girl that you see in one place. […]

Babes | 22 August 2013

Lovely babes collection

There are many lovely babes on the internet, but it is rare that so many of them were in one place! Therefore, we present a collection of photos of lovely […]

Fun | 8 April 2013

Weirdest bicycles

Bicycle is a simple design – two wheels and a steel frame, but there are bicycles that contradict this assertion. See the weirdest bicycles made by man.

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