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Fun | 4 January 2023

Two funny videos with cats

Funny videos with cats as the main character can never have too many. We have for you two more videos where these furry creatures are doing funny actions.

Fun | 4 January 2023

Cat vs. Mario

Another cat video;) This time: a kitten vs video game “Mario”, see how furry respond to sounds in the game. Hilarious!

Fun | 1 January 2023

Cat trap

Another video of cats, in this case, however, we must admit that hilarious! Cat Inherited curiosity plus the fact that they are quite fearful can give interesting results, and so […]

Fun | 1 January 2023

What does your cat when alone?

Cats are generally calm animals which, however, like to sometimes make mischief. But what does a cat when its owner is not around?

Fun | 1 January 2023

How high can a cat jump?

One of the characteristics of cats, except that it can be very cuddly if they want something from us (lol), is that they can jump high. Each holder of a […]

Fun | 1 January 2023

Cat in a box

Cat curiosity is matched only by the stupidity, and even strange that these animals do not become extinct because of excessive curiosity. See adventures of of a cat who saw […]

Fun | 1 January 2023

Cat vs stuffed raccoon

Cats are by nature quite fearful pets and are easy to frighten, which can be quite funny. This time is used for this purpose stuffed shed … See the reaction […]

Fun | 30 December 2022

Cat stunts

Cats are an inexhaustible source of funny situations, evidenced by the hundreds of funny videos placed on the Internet. This time we have for you a collection of movies with […]

Fun | 28 August 2022

The cat straight from hell

Cats are animals that are ideal for stroking, hugging and scratching at their belly. However, the cat that you see in a moment, looks more like beast straight from hell […]

Fun | 18 August 2022

Dog VS. lemon

For some reason, dogs and cats can not stand smell of lemons and other citrus. This dog demonstrates the hatred for lemon perfectly;)

Babes | 27 August 2021


Female cat is one of the sexiest female characters in a series of adventures of Batman. In addition to movies, you can also admire it in the comics and animated […]

Fun | 27 March 2013

Hilarious videos with pets

We present you three hilarious videos with pets involving cats, dogs and .. little panda. They are adorable and hilarious!

Fun | 5 March 2013

Squirrel adopted by cat

It happens so that the animals can be more feelings to another species, than we do to other people, so it is in this case. See how a cat has […]

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