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Freaking hot Brazilian girls

If you are looking for the nation who has the sexiest girl, then at the forefront of it’s on Brazil! These beautiful girls with dark skin and gorgeous bodies, is a feast for the eyes of every man. Brazilian girls are one of the sexiest women in the world. A large firm breasts, shapely ass and long slender legs and long hair make the view of Brazilian women is a feast for the eye. These girls look great in a bikini and underwear or even in ordinary street clothes. Welcome…

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One of the biggest anaconda snakes

Steer clear of snakes from a distance, especially venomous. But how to bypass snake that is 8 meters long and can easily swallow a human or an alligator? Such a snake met diver’s Franco Banfi in the Brazilian Mato Grasso. See photos of this terrifying giant. We only add that the biggest anaconda yet we managed to meet, was over 11 meters long and weigh well over one hundred kg.

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