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Fun | 22 February 2013

Awesome examples of graffiti

Graffiti is usually associated with vandalism and poor scribblings from teenagers. Graffiti, however, may vary well be a form of art in which the artist’s canvas are walls and sidewalks, […]

Fun | 12 February 2013

Funniest tattoos – 34 photos

Tattooing is not just a decoration and an art form but also a way to express yourself. Some tattoos express their feelings, while others just want to decorate body with […]

Other | 7 August 2012

Banksy Olympic art

World famous artist Banksy on the occasion of the Olympic Games in London has created several new works. Below you can see them.

Other | 4 August 2012

Thousands of naked bums of Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick for many years is taking pictures of naked people in the natural environment and architecture. In his installations, you can see hundreds or thousands of naked people making […]

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