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Three funny videos with animals in the lead role


Three short but very funny videos with animals. A smile is guaranteed.

Pets probably never stop us to provide reasons to smile.
Whether they sleep, eat, or have fun – there will always be something that causes the release of endorphins in us.
Today we have for you the three short films.


In the first video you will see Shepherd, who messed in the absence of its owner. The dog knows that messed, and his face is priceless! He looks for a moment as if in prayer: D



The second video is a flock of turkeys and their emperor – a man. Turkeys respond to the speech as the crowds during the speeches of Hitler. As someone wrote in the comments – now they probably would attack Poland 😀



The last film you’ll see once again shepherd who likes to play fetch so that it does not pass even ball on TV.

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