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Sexiest game heroine – Lara naked


Lara Croft, more than any other character from the video game ignites the senses of players from around the world.
It is hard to believe but it’s been 17 years since the premiere of the first part of Tomb Raider – a game that launched a new era in the history of video games.
Never before had there been a video game character who would become a sex symbol and that only existed in the virtual world. Lara Croft blazed new trails in not just musty tombs but also in the subject line of computer game development. Ona ma duże cycki (coraz większe z każdą częścią gry!) i porusza się zwinnie niczym kot. Nie wspominając o skąpym i obcisłym ubraniu. To nie mogło pozostawić męskiej części graczy obojętnymi.
Lara never by those 17 years did not show up naked, but that did not stop fans from around the world to create their own version of Lara such as that corresponds to their expectations. And in this way created hundreds of drawings of naked Lara and even mods to the game so that you could see a naked Lara in action.
We have collected for you some of these amateur works where You can see Lara naked, and show them below.


Here you can see how the game looks with the appropriate patch so that Lara is naked:

Lara series of games has become so popular that the game was moved to the cinema, and in character of Lara Croft played by Angelina Jolie herself which I think came out in that role quite well (after all, Angelina is also considered a sex symbol).

It is worth mentioning that recently released a new part of the game titled simply “Tomb Raider” (available on computers and consoles). Incidentally, the game is very good, perhaps the best of the series. If you like the adventures of Lara is worth the interest (this is not an advertising 😉 ).


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