Jennifer Aniston likes to expose nipples

Everyone who viewed the TV series “Friends” (Is there anyone who has not seen it yet?) Know that this is a great series that eight years after the last episode were never any serious competition. Besides funny dialogue and likeable characters, the attention from the guys certainly attracts character Rachel, played by sexy Jennifer Aniston.

I do not know if you’ve noticed, but in fact in each episode Rachel does not wear a bra and so perfectly you can see her perky nipples. Surely this is done intentionally to attract the male part of the audience to the show, and I have to admit that it worked;-)
If you have not yet noticed, it’s time to catch up, we have for you sexy Rachel photos where you can see her nipples as well as a few other photos that prove that even on a daily basis Jennifer likes to go without a bra and expose her nipples..
Enjoy, and we apologize for the quality of some images.

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