Beauties bathing in milk

Bathing in milk apparently works positively to the beauty, let’s see if there’s even a shadow of truth and see what they look like beauties bathing in milk!

Milk producers for thousands of years are grateful for the fact that Cleopatra introduced the fashion for bathing in milk.
Supposedly bathing in milk have the effects of beautifying and health aspects, which is why for thousands of years, women who care about beauty, bathe in this white liquid derived from cows or goats.
We do not want to dwell on whether in the is even a grain of truth, we want in return to show the process of bathing – or more precisely beautiful chicks who take such a bath in milk.
Because in the end, what we care about the theory, let’s focus on practice!
Let’s see the gallery with photos of beauties who take a bath in milk. And we guarantee it looks pretty sexy!

Warning – naked boobs in the milk on the horizon 😉


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