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Kana Yume is known and revered in Japan actress and model known as well from the production of with an erotic character.  If you like Asian beauties then it is necessary to Move on to the rest of this post.

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Humble Bundle accustomed us that from time to time they offer a great games almost for free. You probably remember Humble Bundle THQ and other great sales. This time, once again, we have an opportunity for the buck to purchase a few hits on a PC.

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There is another opportunity to buy for almost nothing great game, and the way to support the charity. You can do it through the Humble Bundle – known and respected service which for the last few years he has organized interesting sales within which you can buy for ANY money games, books and music. This […]

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It promises to be another blockbuster. RIPD or “Rest In Peace Department” this is crazy paranormal detective comedy starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. In the film we see a lot of crazy scenes and plenty of action mixed with a good sense of humor. The cast also includes, inter alia, Kevin Bacon and Mary-Louise […]

R.I.P.D – movie trailer with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds