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Hot video games girls

Video Games is a division of entertainment in which amateurs of beauty of the female body can find a lot of great and sexy girls. Games such as the series “Dead or Alive”, “Sexy Beach”, “Tomb Raider” and many other are examples that even digital girls can be extremely hot and sexy. See extremely hot […]

Another amazing Humble Bundle pack

Humble Bundle accustomed us that from time to time they offer a great games almost for free. You probably remember Humble Bundle THQ and other great sales. This time, once again, we have an opportunity for the buck to purchase a few hits on a PC.

Games for a dollar: Humble Deep Silver Bundle

There is another opportunity to buy for almost nothing great game, and the way to support the charity. You can do it through the Humble Bundle – known and respected service which for the last few years he has organized interesting sales within which you can buy for ANY money games, books and music. This […]

First gameplay from Grand Theft Auto V

Long we had to wait, but it’s the first gameplay from highly anticipated sequel to Grand Theft Auto series. The game looks good and the trailer shows that the game will give us quite a freedom. See for yourself how it looks on the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

Bastion for 1 USD in the “Humble Bundle”

Humble Bundle – website, known for games packages that can be purchased for any amount of money, now introduced a new way of selling games. This is not a revolution, you can still buy a decent game for a few cents, the only difference is that instead of a package of several games, this is […]

Sexiest game heroine – Lara naked

Lara Croft, more than any other character from the video game ignites the senses of players from around the world. It is hard to believe but it’s been 17 years since the premiere of the first part of Tomb Raider – a game that launched a new era in the history of video games. Never […]

Game in real life

Have you ever wondered how would look like a computer action game in real life? Video games allow us to see what life is like a real bully, superman or master the steering wheel. Games give us super powers, superhuman strength, speed and allow you to do things not available in real life. But all these […]

Watch Dogs gameplay (HD) – looks cool

If you love freedom, and a good graphics in combination with a high dose of action, you should eagerly wait for the upcoming game “Watch Dogs”. Watch Dogs is an action game to a certain extent similar to the GTA series. In the game we play as a hacker who can break into any electronic […]

Surgeon Simulator 2013

“Surgeon Simulator 2013” is a game which takes on the role of a surgeon who has performed heart surgery. It is not clear whether the authors was more about creating a real simulator or game that will improve our mood. It turns out that we tend to, however, this second option;-) In the game, we […]

No logic in video games

Video games are such a wonderful invention so that we can have many lives, we can heal the worst wounds ordinary bandage, a fall from a skyscraper costs us at most a few points of life … In video games, there are no rules that apply in real life and I think that’s why we […]

Overview of the best games of 2012

Time for another summary of the passing – 2012. This time, let us consider games for PC and consoles, and more specifically we will show you the best and most popular games that were released this year. You’ll see in action among others Diablo 3, Max Payne 3, Orcs Must Die! 2, Darksiders 2 and […]

Metro 2033 for free!

Another amazing opportunity straight from THQ after Humble Bundle. This time we have the opportunity for free to get the key to the game Metro 2033 – Games FPS (first person shooter) which takes place in the underground post-apocalyptic Moscow. How to get key for Metro 2033? Easy! Just on this website on Facebook click […]

List of games for 2013

Year 2013 is about to begin, and in a few days we will said goodbye to the old and welcomed the new year. We found for you a large list of games that will have its premiere in 2013, divided into hardware platforms (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U). Promises to be a year full […]

Amazing Humble THQ Bundle (UPDATE!)

It is rare opportunity to buy for pennies on something that normally costs a lot of money. This opportunity has just arrived and as usual it has something to do with the “Humble Bundle” which this time has prepared something special along with the company THQ!

Xbox 360 Easter Eggs

Game developers are people with a great sense of humor, prove by the various hidden bonuses – so called “Easter Eggs” which can be found in many well-known games such as “Battlefield 3,” “Gears of War”, “Witcher 2”, or as “Rage”. See, for example, Dinosaurs in Battlefield 3, the chicken that breathes fire, or Batman […]

Magical horse in GTA

He can drive cars, years and even kick your ass high in the sky. Meet the magical horse in the game Grand Theft Auto. Hilarious!

GTA V – trailer

For this game a lot of players is waiting. For he who has not heard of Grand Theft Auto series which takes on the gangster crashing through the city in fast cars and fleeing from police and mafia hordes. Coming soon – in the spring of 2013, premiere of fifth of the GTA series, see […]

Humble Bundle for Android 4

It’s already the next “Humble Bundle” – that is, an opportunity to buy at a bargain some good games!

Battlefield 1942 for free

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the video game series “Battlefield” EA released the game “Battlefield 1942” for free!

HIB 6 – some good games for a couple cents

If like us you like to occasionally spend some time with a good game, and by the way do not like to spend too much money on the game, you should be sure to pay attention to the latest “Humble Indie Bundle 6” so that you can now get a few cents a pack consisting […]

Girls from video games

Girls appearing in video games does not quite recall the real girls usually. They usually have very large breasts, slim figure and big blue eyes and a seductive smile. Although they are so unreal I guess you do not have anything against that we will show you a few of them below. Enjoy!